A dynamic flow sequence focusing on breath with movement to create a sense of presence. A relaxation to finish.





A slower paced class to dive into tensions held in our body, with the opportunity to balance connective tissues and go deeper into the practice. This style of yoga typically involves only 5-10 poses, supported by props that allow you to completely relax, rest and deepen.




A general class focusing on alignment, strength with breath cues. A relaxation to finish.





A gentle class to provide a safe form of exercise for you and your unborn baby. This class gives you the opportunity to nurture yourself assisting in positive growth for you and your baby along with help to prepare you physically and mentally for the arrival. 

All levels welcome after your first trimester (12 weeks). Enquire here.




A general class for Mum's and their newborns to hang out on their mat together in a safe environment. Mother's Groups and individuals welcome. Enquire here.