Well, we're all busy with our daily lives and it's hard to find that quality time for ourselves; especially with the demands of career, family or endless appointments. Yoga allows us to take the time to nurture ourselves so we become stronger in body and mind. Most importantly for ourselves but also for others around us.

For the physical, yoga asana's allow our body to gain strength, increase flexibility and boost circulation. Studies have shown that yoga asana's; not only being great for toning muscles, will also calm our nervous system. We tend to rush from one thing to the next and yoga, meditation along with pranayama (energetic breath work) gives us the holistic tools to keep the balance.

Mentally, yoga gives us a focus, whether that be on our movement through the poses (asanas) or also through connecting each of our movements with our breath. When we move with our breath as one "union" it helps strip away the emotions, conditions and sensations that are so bound into our beings on a daily basis. With the practice of meditation we concentrate on our breath so our thoughts slowly fall away, allowing the mind to feel clearer and allowing us to surrender & deepen into the practice.

Yoga, mediation & pranayama gives us a challenge and when in difficult & uncomfortable poses or thoughts, it allows us to use these tools to re-focus on our breath and help us think about taking this learning to the challenges within our daily lives for growth and enquiry into ones self.

And lastly, yoga is about the relationship with yourself. Only you can make the decision to take the time to practice, so give yourself the space and find the right teacher for you.