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I was fortunate enough to be approached by Clarins Australia to help launch their new skincare range and share how I feel meditation and yoga can improve our overall health & well-being along with the right nutrients on our skin; that can help deliver a healthy glow. Which we all want, right?

I believe meditation helps greatly with memory and concentration which are two very important life tools for overall health. Having worked within a fast paced environment prior to starting my own Yoga and Meditation business a few years ago now, I would notice a difference not only in my stress levels but also my sleep. Feeling well rested, I was fortunate enough to experience first hand a healthier, clearer and inspirited me; and could see a glow on my face that I wanted to be contagious. I therefore started to focus on the inside out and overall healthy living.

However; even with Yoga and Meditation being my chosen career, it’s still something I need to work on. Life gets busy however it might be as simple as waking up and doing breathing exercises in bed prior to the household waking.
Yoga asanas, are traditionally a set of poses to assist in sitting for meditation so I believe it’s extremely important to practice yoga two to three times a week. I roll out my Mat either in the living room or on our deck while our daughter sleeps - even if it’s just for thirty minutes. It is possible to fit it in - it’s just having the motivation behind you to start. I’m lucky I have my own business as this encourages me to take time out everyday to be able to share, teach and assist others where I can.

I’m a big believer that once you start something it becomes easier with time and my tip is to nurture yourself as often as you can through meditation & yoga as it may help soften our appearance and create that natural radiance; with the added bonus of alleviating tension in our busy lives.

I'd love to hear your healthy living tips as I'm forever a student in life!